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  3. What is your favorite part of your body?

I am really comfortable with my shape, I like my little hourglass figure!

  4. What is one part of your  body you wish you loved more?

I mean, I’ve always had a little bit of a belly, it’s something I’ve been insecure with but its something that I am slowly but surely accepting.  

 1. What are three of your best qualities?

I am a very caring person. I am extremely hard working and dedicated and I think I am very loyal.

 2. What are three of your worst qualities?

I think sometimes I cannot be assertive enough. I allow too many people to hurt me and I don’t speak up for myself.  Because I think sometimes it’s easier to just accept it, than confront anyone. I think I am overly critical of myself, and I can be petty sometimes.


5. Describe when you first realized you had stretch marks? What did it feel like?

I developed super early, I had to start wearing a bra in 3rd or 4th grade! And so, because I developed so early I developed stretch marks so early, I remember being in the middle school locker room and I already had a B or C cup. I was just like, “My body doesn’t look like everybody else's body here.”  And so my growing was something I felt super insecure about, just because I felt like there was something wrong with me. I looked different than everybody else, I looked older. And I had to deal with the consequences of looking older at such a young age. Men would assume I was older than I was...I have been getting cat called since I was in elementary school!

6. What is one of your qualities you wish shined brighter than your exterior appearance?…

Especially being an actress, and the way that I look, is the first thing people notice about me.  I wish people saw that there was more to me than just being sexy and confident. I feel like I have a really good heart and I have so much love to give.  I am confident, because I have worked to make myself that way, but I also have days where I don’t feel so confident and can use a little extra help from people.  I just wish people didn’t assume that because I may be sexy or confident that I am always fine. It’s not always that way.

7. Describe the moment you began to accept your stretch marks…

I’ve always loved old movies. For me, looking at women like Sophia Loren and Maria Callas who all had these gorgeous, voluptuous bodies made me realize that although I don’t look like the supermodels of today, these women were beautiful and curvy like I am. Those women were people I really looked up to and became my role models.


8. In ten years, what do you want your stretch marks to remind you of?

Just growing up. I didn’t like going to high school, I never felt at home or accepted. I think we all through our own struggles as teenagers, and so I hope they symbolize that I did it. They are apart of life.

9. Was there a moment you felt society was pushing you to see your stretch marks a certain way?

I used to be really nervous about them, especially when I’d go out to the beach and stuff. I thought, “Maybe I can tan them away?” or “I hope people won’t notice them,” but I don’t think anyone ever said anything about them to me.  It was an internal battle. However, along with holistically accepting my body, accepting my stretch marks came as a consequence. I accepted my stretch marks because I accepted my body as a whole.

UG7A3624 (1).jpg

10. What lesson do you hope to instill to your children about self-love & body acceptance..

My thing is, since I felt really insecure about my body for a long time, I want my children to know that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to look - or to be. Whoever you are in this moment is perfect.  Obviously that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to be healthy and care for your body. At the same time, people have different shapes people are meant to look differently, but your body is going to be what your body is.  You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to cram yourself into a box just to be accepted by people.

11. What makes the happiest in the world?

Honestly, being up on stage and getting the opportunity to perform. I love that. Also getting to spend time with family, friends, and people that I love.  We just all get together, share a big meal and just have fun together.

12. How do women need to improve interacting with one another?

I wish we were all more supportive of each other. I think we have it in our minds, because society put it into our minds, the idea that we have to compete with each other.  I really hope that we can embrace each other and stop seeing each other as competition but instead as individuals. We all do things amazingly. I do my thing, you do your thing, so let’s support each other.

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