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16. What lesson do you want to instill in your children about body acceptance?

You do not have to be like everyone else. There is no mold, no perfect body - nothing! We are all human. There should be no room for hate. I want them to know they are perfect the way they are and they do not have to change unless it makes them feel good.


1. What are your best qualities?

I am reliable, honest, and I feel like I am very loyal.

2. What are your worst qualities?

I can get very defensive, and sometimes I am a little selfish. Maybe being selfish should take up two qualities. If I am not in the right head-space, I shut down completely. I wont be as receptive to other people's needs. It's like, if I am not even in a good place to be helping someone else, I put the focus on me. I need to get back to the way I normally am. 

3. What do you love the most about your body?

I love my legs! And it's probably from playing lacrosse. Honestly, if I am in heels or booties I am like, "Ok! My legs look good!" 

4. What about your body are you working on loving more?

Definitely my problem area is my stomach. When I was younger, my family would comment on me being so "cute and chubby" and at the time it was cute and endearing. But when you are in middle school, those comments can get in your head and cause you to overthink things. 

5. Was there a moment when you noticed your body begining to change?

There actually was a really defining moment. My family and I are really close, and one day we went to see a movie and my cousins commented saying my boobs looked like "little cupcakes." That was when I was like, "Ok, things are getting a little weird now!"


6. What part of your body did you become hyper aware of as you developed?

I became more aware of my breast area. I feel like everything else was really slow. In middle school, I was a 00 in jean sizes. My legs didn't start growing until I started playing soccer and lacrosse. But I guess I thought less of my body growing because I believed it was from sports and not puberty or hormones. I feel like it became mostly that and figuring out how to deal with my body - and then boys come into the picture and it became a whole bigger thing! 

7. Did you feel like your family did a good job nurturing you?

My family was supportive. I feel like my cousins, aunt and grandma were all very helpful. We are all super close and so it was really nice to have so many people I could go to. 

8. What do you think you gained growing up surrounded by so many female role models?

Empowerment and learning not to settle. Having so many people that will drop anything for you is a really nice feeling. I am really appreciative of how I grew up.

9. Did that family support system make you feel like insecure about your own body?

Yeah, definitely. And I think we are all so so different. It is nice to realize we do not all have to look the same and there is no "one way to look."  Obviously it is really hard when you are being compared to magazines. It was really nice to see the people that mattered to me were not fitting into all the molds that you are suppose to fit into. 


10. What piece of advice has meant the most to you?

My mom is a big factor. She is always there and quick to remind me that I am good enough. I don't have to please everybody or be perfect all the time. I can have doubts, I can be human. I can have human reactions.

11. What has your self-love journey been like?

There hasn't been one time when I really hated any part of my body. Over summer I gained 10 pounds and that was the only time I was not happy with myself. Other than that, I feel like my journey has been really positive, which I feel like is really rare. I feel really lucky.

12. What moment do you feel the most beautiful getting ready?

When I put my fake eyelashes on.When I put on the lashes, I feel like I am fierce, I can work it, I can smize at someone and bat my lashes. 

13. What do you wish you could tell yourself at one point in time?

There is not one mold. I went to high school in Malibu where everyone is this perfect beach So-Cal girl with perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. I feel like I was always comparing myself to other people. 


14. What is the best compliment you could receive?

Anything that does not have to do with looks. Anything that has to do with my personality. Looks are so superficial and just scratch the surface. There is always so much more to a person than what they look like. If someone takes the chance to know and be able to realize what else you have to offer, I feel like that is more sincere, genuine and heartfelt.

15.What quality do you wish shined brighter than your exterior appearance?

That I am not a terrible person! I have really bad "resting bitch face" and so I have had so many people say that they thought I was stuck up before getting to know me. I wish there was less, "judging a book by its cover." 

17. What is one thing you would change about the culture of our age?

I wish there was less judgement with what you wear. If you want to wear something revealing, we should not shame someone for that. If someone is confident enough to wear something revealing, good for them! If you tear someone down because of what they are wearing, I feel like that makes you really ugly. 


18. What are your thoughts about competitiveness between women?

I feel the competitiveness all the time. You get judged on what you wear or how you look and hold yourself up. I feel like it's a competition of who can look the best always. We should build each other up more instead of constantly pushing each other down to get ahead.

19. What was this Strength Marks experience like for you?

While we were taking pictures, I remember thinking "I am genuinely happy right now." I am happy that I did this. It takes a lot to sit here almost naked - but I feel like I needed it.

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